The whole of a human being, one’s significance and dignity, is bound up with speech.
— Rudolf Steiner


Our mission is to develop free and truthful expression in which the inner life connects with living language to expand the power of communication. Steiner School of Speech Arts is an innovative initiative offering an in depth overview foundation year as well as a full four year training in speech arts. We also host a variety of inspiring weekend workshops throughout the year. Steiner School of Speech Arts is a part of the Threefold Educational Foundation within the intimate and engaging community of Chestnut Ridge, NY.


Building on the pioneering methods developed by Dr. Rudolf Steiner and Marie Steiner-von Sivers, our approach integrates the profound experience of the spoken word with the evolving relevance of communication in contemporary life.



Core Faculty


Barbara Renold is a practicing speech artist, teacher, and theatre director. After completing her training in Speech and Drama at the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland in 1981, she spent a year deepening her speech studies at the Harkness Studio in Sydney, Australia. As a Speech Arts teacher at Sunbridge College (1983-2007), she developed a lively curriculum for early childhood and grades teachers, as well as students in the foundation year course. During this time, she also directed a variety of community theatre productions, Shakespeare plays, and Oberufer Christmas plays. In 1987, she began directing Rudolf Steiner's epic Mystery Dramas, which became a life-long passion, culminating in the 2014 Spring Valley Conference, when all four Mystery dramas were shown in the same week in English for the first time ever. She currently teaches speech arts at the Spring Valley Eurythmy School, the Christian Community Seminary, and the Steiner School of Speech Arts. She is an alumna of Kimberton Waldorf School.

Jennifer Kleinbach has been performing and teaching speech arts and eurythmy in a variety of settings over the past 17 years. In 2000, she completed eurythmy training in Spring Valley, followed by touring with the stage ensemble (2000-2005), teaching eurythmy at Spring Valley (200-2007), and completing her speech training in 2005. Since 2004, she has performed in a variety of theatre productions (including the Mystery Dramas), festivals, and eurythmy performances. Jennifer currently leads a community speech chorus, teaches speech arts at Eurythmy Spring Valley, the Christian Community Seminary, and Steiner School of Speech Arts. She holds a BA in Classical Languages, an MA in Medieval Studies, completed the Foundation Year and Goethean Studies course at Rudolf Steiner College, and is an alumna of Sacramento Waldorf School.

Helen Lubin trained at Novalis School for Speech and Drama and at the School for Speech and Artistic Speech Therapy (Germany); diploma 1985; post-graduate year at the Goetheanum, Switzerland. Faculty member Rudolf Steiner College 1992-2016; current faculty Speech School of North America; former resident speech artist/therapist Karl Schubert Schule, Stuttgart; former core faculty School for Pedagogical and Therapeutic Speech, Switzerland. International 3-year Camphill Seminar in Curative Education and 10 years in this field; BS Special Ed. Studies; BS Speech Pathology and Audiology; MA Human Development; TESOL certified (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages); SLPA certification from Oregon Board for Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology. Since founding Speech Arts in Waldorf Schools in North America (1994), annual ‘speech visits’ of one-to-several weeks, working with classes, individual children, teachers, staff and parents. Helen also teaches in Waldorf teacher education programs, works in private practice, and is a freelance editor/translator. Former Waldorf student.

Supporting Faculty

Will Crane, Movement

Cliff Venho, Eurythmy