Four Year Training in Speech Arts

Based on the methods of Rudolf and Marie Steiner

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Our curriculum offers an inspiring journey through the multilayered elements of speech. Building on the Foundation year program, we transform our relationship with the spoken word and become conscious of how the human voice is an instrument of creative power. We explore the spark, radiance, and meaning that live in words and create a new understanding of the rhythm and movement of language. Through our extensive study of speech, students awaken, strengthen, and free their individual selves and their connection to the world. The roots of this transformative work extend back to Rudolf and Marie Steiner's insightful guidance of teachers, actors, and public speakers. Over the last century, the potential of their trailblazing work has grown in relevance for education, therapeutic settings, and artistic expression.

The four-year program encompasses epic, lyric, and dramatic styles of speaking, including diverse selections of artistic works for exploring their many applications. Our vocal work is supported by exercises for mastering breath, articulation, fluency, and phrasing. The program is further enriched by classes in movement, eurythmy, and Greek gymnastics, thus developing the ability to engage our whole bodies in speaking. Our work delves into pedagogical, practical, and therapeutic approaches to the spoken word that reflect the evolving needs of the individual and society.


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Over four years of building vital skills and exploring a range of approaches to the art of speech, we engage in self-development that deepens our knowledge of how speech transforms experience. Our program offers unique outcomes that unfold each student's potential to bring greater consciousness into personal and professional areas of life. In completing this program, students earn a diploma, while also gaining capacities that enable new ways of working in the world.